Experimental artist/producer STØNEWÅX seeks sonic worlds separate from the ordinary. Deep in the exploration of sound and rhythms, this post-genre flow-seeking beat maker has launched a new kind of project.

"This is my meditation... I'm an escape artist."

STØNEWÅX (AKA Steve Summers) is a record producer based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Working alongside Paulie B and OJ Newcomb at Yama-Nui Recording Studio, Steve has had the pleasure of creating a bunch of records and collaborating on many. Credits include Ziggy Alberts (ARIA Gold), Lokett, Dear Doonan, Darcy Kate, Endless Valley, Swimsuit Issue, Dr Mann, Demi Casha, JaZZella, Chris Ah Gee, Homewood Sapiens, Dana Gehrman, Aspy Jones, August River Band and Dorah Jacson.

"I have learnt so much creating with all of these great people. I'm so grateful. Once you learn enough that you no longer need to fuss about the techniques, you can do great things. Flow creates art. These songs are the result. Thanks to all the people that support this project. You're awesome."

STØNEWÅX is set to drop a new release every month, so sign up. Those that do get exclusives.

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