sad king billy

Sad King Billy

Sad King Billy is the debut solo from Perth based musician Julian Peet. Sad King Billy takes his listeners on a journey into worlds dark and beautiful, strange and familiar.

Julian has played, toured and recorded with various bands in the Australian original music scene for over a decade. Sad King Billy’s album, Mental Wealth, due for release in 2023, is the distillation of Julian’s experience as an accomplished instrumentalist and experimental songwriter. Co-produced alongside locally renowned producer/engineer Dan Carroll, Mental Wealth features 10 meticulously composed, arranged, and co-produced tracks supported by immersive visual content from 3D artist, Nyte3D.

Conceptually, Sad King Billy is internally focused. Exploring and reflecting on loneliness, fear, the strange and the new, Mental Wealth invites audiences into a sonically immersive space with influence from early traditions to modern experimentation, Sad King Billy is constructed as a wholly digital offering seeking to connect with audiences across physical boundaries.

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