Born and raised in a multicultural environment, Psych-E who is based in Lagos, Nigeria, began his music journey from his younger years, as a free spirited listener of diverse sounds that cuts across borders, genres, and moods.

By being open to sounds from other sides, he infuses this knowledge and diversity into his cultural background, creating and sharing stories that address various subject matters. He uses a genre called Afrofusion as a vehicle for his self expression as he strives to entertain and connect with his audience on a flow state.

As an Independent music artist, he has released 3 projects on the web2, each of them representing different phases of his music journey, and showing his versatility and unconventional approach towards creativity.

So far, his music journey has been blessed with a growing fan base of supporters across web2, with collaborations with other creatives and radio plays in Nigeria and the UK.

Psych-E is embracing the communities and opportunities on the blockchain and is making a debut on web3, with the release of his DEJA VU NFT collection.

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