Mike Slade

Mike Slade

Mike Slade is the highly respected hip-hop emcee from Perth who’s been lighting up the scene for the past 20 years. From 2003-2007 Slade dominated the Perth battle scene, and was frontman with the award-winning 5 piece live band Mechanism. With impressive versatility, Slade performs either solo, with a DJ, various special guests, or with the band Le Mezz Club. For the past 2 1/2 years he has evolved toward drumming & rapping simultaneously.

The album ‘Day To Day Sway’ was released in 2018 - a fresh mixture of conscious & punchy, thought-provoking lyrics, boom-bap beats, neo-soul/jazzy melodies, and funky bass-lines played by Slade. The album features DJ Bace Kadet on cuts - the 2018 State DMC champion. Also featured on the album are renowned performers Alex Borthwick on guitar, and Aysha Amani on singing vocals.

Mike Slade is known for flipping vocals with tight, crystal clear elocution, whether free-styling or performing his prepared songs.

He’s played at many epic WA music festivals and community events including Blazing Swan, Blossom, Blissfest, and Hidden Treasures, and also plays regularly at various venues around Fremantle and Perth.

There are currently 2 recording projects on the go: a 4 track EP, due for release in 2022/23, and a unique project with Ocean Floor, involving freestyle raps and art work.

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