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Keeley Connolly

Keeley Connolly

Over the past 8 years Keeley has worked as a touring artist and recording engineer performing alongside some of Australia's beloved talent (Michael Dunstan, The Dreggs, Riley Pearce, Hollow Coves) and selling out venues and backyards across the country.

2019 saw a collaboration alongside SLUMBERJACK for a segment on Pilerats ‘In The Pile’, plus the launch of her single ‘Old Bottles’. In 2021 Ralph Lauren used the track to highlight the release of their new fall collection.

As a hobby project, Keeley works on her West Australian gig guide and blog Toasty Tunes which is designed to showcase emerging and upcoming talent. Inside her studio bus, Keeley offers affordable production and mentorship to emerging artists helping them enter the industry professionally and confidently.

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