Hey Hannah

Hey Hannah

During her teenage years of creating viral covers on YouTube to her 30,000 fans, Hannah was discovered by MTV and featured as an artist in over 30 countries. This snowballed opportunities and led to features in Glamour Magazine and a review by The Chainsmokers.

After being accepted into WAAPA (West Australian Academy of Performing Arts) during highschool, her University journey was cut short by the amazing opportunity to move to Sydney under a major music label. Her role was a cast member on a new YouTube Music series which ended as a heartbreaking experience that returned Hannah back to Perth early.

Hannah used this disappointment and heartache to fuel her passion and determination and developed her original songwriting, embedding herself throughout the production process with her keen ear and attention to detail as an independent artist.

Her first release and first NFT draws inspiration from ‘Roxanne’ by The Police. This was the song playing the night she was faced with her ex on a dancefloor at a bar as he tried to reconcile. Feeling free fresh out of lockdown enabled Hannah to react with clarity and not heartbreak and decided to turn the experience into a soul-pop track.

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