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01 May 2022


OFM Learn is a free information hub built inside the Ocean Floor Music Community Discord Server.

Members have access to informational content on a variety of topics surrounding NFTs, CryptoCurrencies and Web3. The Ocean Floor Music Community Discord Server is a safe place for musicians, artists, fans and industry to develop their knowledge and experience navigating the world of NFTs and Web3.

We have a number of self-directed “how-to” guides that break down the complexities of blockchain using simple explanations and easy to follow steps. From setting up your crypto wallet to minting your first NFT, the OFM Discord is a place to connect, create and thrive.

Our Moderators are available 24/7 to assist members with questions and curiosities of all sorts, or to simply bounce ideas off to help you in your creative process. Come join our thriving community, enter the world of Web3 Music and connect with other like-minded artists and creative individuals.

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