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13 October 2022


It’s been a few months since our last communication and a lot has happened in the world and at Ocean Floor Music - from a music NFT platform through to our OFMetaverse, we've kept our heads down and building.


Our music NFT Marketplace is in MVP and being tested as you read this, with a launch date mid November. Our music team has been working hard onboarding and mentoring our first batch of OFM artists and industry ambassadors with an estimated 50 artists to drop at launch. We are very pleased to announce Australian rock royalty Kav Temperley from Eskimo Joe is launching his first NFT collection with Ocean Floor Music, that will coincide with a launch at Oshi Gallery in Melbourne, the first permanent professionally curated digital art gallery in Australia. Follow our socials to sign up to our Whitelist for exclusive updates and offers on upcoming launches.

OFM NFT Marketplace

We also the had the pleasure of officially announcing the legendary Carl Cox as our Music Industry Advisor at the Australian Crypto Convention. The 'Godfather of Dance' will be launching a number of products with OFM in support of his first album in more than 10 years, so stay tuned for more updates.


We have strategically postponed our token launch a number of times over the past year because market conditions have been less than ideal. We often reflect on what could have been the outcome of launching our token in Q1-22 when the market conditions seemed reasonably stable before turning sharply, and to say the least we are very grateful to our advisors and financial experts guiding our path forward. Our team is continuing to monitor the global macro economic environment and world events closely and are weighing our options for a Q1 2023 TGE. Rest assured our primary focus is to ensure a successful launch so our contributors are rewarded for their support and belief in Ocean Floor Music.


As the only Music Industry Marketplace in Web3, we are proud to be in conversations with a number of major and boutique brands, industry professionals and venues and are looking forward to promoting services and products for the creation, touring and consumption of music and events in our Marketplace. This will help artists connect with industry to create music products in Web3 in a frictionless way and provide a new revenue stream to the backbone of the music industry.


Wow. We're excited to show you what we have built in the OFMetaverse. Three underwater domes designed for immersive experiences in live entertainment, brand collaborations, retail shopping, promotional opportunities, environment, social and governance awareness and support, writing and recording music, new unimagined forms of social, product and brand interactive experiences. Our spaces are beautifully imagined with an engaging user experience in mind, partnering with Ready Player Me means you can create your coolest self in the form of an avatar to connect with others and experience this marvellous virtual environment.

Here's an early teaser…


The game-changing technology behind Borderless Music is called Telemidi and has developed into a major pillar behind our virtual performance spaces. With the ability for musicians to remotely connect and perform together, the possibilities for this technology include remote writing rooms where artists from across the globe can compose music together, DJs from across the globe playing back to back sets, artists between London, Vancouver and Perth performing together all in perfect synchronisation and in real time. We publicly demonstrated the technology at Strings Attached on October 9th in Margaret River with a seamless performance between Matt Bray in Perth and Bernardo Varela in London. Designed for the fan as much for the artist, we are reimagining what active consumption of a music performance looks like, with mobile connectivity anyone anywhere can interact and even play along with their favourite artist.


We have been spreading the Ocean Floor Music news across the globe presenting on panels, sponsoring and networking with representation at Big Sound, an incredibly engaged panel at Australian Crypto Convention and performing Borderless Music and hosting a panel at Strings Attached. We are launching our NFT marketplace at Oshi Gallery, recently sponsored WAM Song of the Year and will be hosting a panel at WAMConference, presented at Curtin University and are planning a panels and pitches for Perth Crypto Convention, Emergence and WA Tech Fest.

OFM Team at Aus Crypto Con


Ocean Floor Music is weeks away from launching our Marketplace, following up with the OFMetaverse and Borderless Music, while early next year we will see the launch of our Crowd Fund protocol and Token Generation Event. We are continuing to raise funds securing our runway and roadmap as our technology development moves into the MVP and testing stages. We are adjusting our build and ecosystem inline with emerging government regulations and working diligently to ensure a successful launch and return for our faithful contributors.

Thank you for your support and stay in touch on our socials.


Sam & Clint
Ocean Floor Music

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