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11 February 2022


4 Reasons why you’ll need a ‘Crypto Wallet’ to use OFM:

  1. Ocean Floor Music has our own crypto token that functions as currency on our platform. Our token is called $OFM. $OFM has a limited supply (capped number of tokens) and is an ERC20 token that resides on the Ethereum Blockchain
  2. $OFM tokens are the currency used to fund music projects and buy goods and services on our platform including NFT’s and a vast range of music-related services
  3. $OFM token holders also earn community governance voting rights in our DAO
  4. Our De-fi staking program also allows $OFM to be staked in liquidity mining


1. Follow this link to web store and install the MetaMask plugin to your browser here :

1. Chrome Web Store

2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ button to add the plugin to your Chrome browser:

2. Add Chrome Extension image

3. Confirm by clicking the ‘Add extension’ button:

3. Add Extension image

4. A new tab will open, click the puzzle piece and pin the MetaMask plugin so it’s displayed at the top of your Chrome browser:

Pin Metamask Plugin screen

5. Click ‘Get Started’:

Get Started Screen

6. Click ‘Create a Wallet’:

Click Create a Wallet Screen

7. Data Usage: Read through carefully and click ‘Agree’ if you are happy to continue with their data collecting statements:

I Agree Screen

8. Create a secure password for your wallet, ensuring you will not forget it. We recommend storing it in a password app like Password1 or Dashlane:

Create Password Screen

9. Secret Recovery Phrase: Watch the video on this page carefully as it will teach you about the importance of your Secret Recovery Phrase!:

Secure Your Wallet Video screen

10. Reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase and store it in three secure places so you can recover your account if you ever need to. We recommend keeping your phrase in one of the secure apps we mentioned in step 8:

Secret Recovery Phrase screen

11. To confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase, you will need to click each of the words in your Security Phrase in the order it was shown to you:

Confirm Your Secret Recovery Phrase screen

12. Congratulations! You have officially setup your MetaMask wallet! Click ‘All Done’:

All Done screen

13. Your Unique wallet address: now you are inside your very own MetaMask wallet click on the number circled below — this is your unique wallet address. You will need to provide this code when signing up to the Ocean Floor Music:

Unique Wallet Address screen

14. After you have finished in your MetaMask wallet, click the icon in the top right and choose to ‘Lock’ your account:

Lock Your Account Screen

15. Finally: We recommend changing MetaMask’s site data settings by clicking the puzzle piece top right of your Chrome browser and doing the following:

  • Click the three dots in the pin

  • Select ‘This can read and change site data’

  • Select ‘When you click the extension’

Change Metamask site setting screen

That’s it! You have officially setup an Ethereum wallet and can receive, buy and trade $OFM tokens. If you have any questions, join our Discord channel and a member of our team will be able to help.


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This article was written by Richard Keenan (Head of Design) and Shea Connolly (Social Media Manager).

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