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22 August 2022


With our NFT Marketplace ready for testing and soft launch in September we are entering a truly compelling phase at Ocean Floor Music.

After 9 months of dedicated building, we are proud to launch this sophisticated part of our platform, where artists can sell their digital audio and visual art. With many unique features, including the ability to playlist audio and visual NFTs, a buyer's intuitive search engine, creators' lazy mint options and cross platform NFT tracking technology.


We have lined up Australian rock royalty Kav Temperley, frontman of Eskimo Joe, to launch his mind-blowing NFT’s with Ocean Floor Music. We were able to get a sneak peek at these in his studio a few weeks back, and were in awe - they are nothing but amazing. We are planning an in-person event to support this release at a groundbreaking NFT Gallery over east and will be inviting music industry heads, actors, artists and media. Check out this interview of Kav’s ‘Take on Web3 & Music NFTs’ with our team here.


A picture can tell a thousand words, so we wanted you to see some of our progression with your own eyes. Including Kav’s commitment, our live Telemidi performance across the globe, the build of our OFMetaverse and Artist Information night. The energy and groundswell is alive.

Our music team is also working diligently to launch other Aussie artists and helping build out their NFT’s. We are attracting global Web3 native artists and their fans, many of whom have been joining us in our Ocean Floor Music Twitter Spaces and are reaching out to be involved in our product launches. Please check out this space called ‘Web 3 Record Labels and the Future of Music’ featuring music label experts and artists from around the planet.


We are preparing all of our tools, getting ready to launch our token. Over the past few months we have been in discussion with a large market maker who will help us launch on centralised and decentralised exchanges. On finalising this partnership, we will work to list our token and drive a growing and stable token price over the next 12-24 months.

As we are 3 months into the bear market, our timing is crucial and our financial and Web3 advisors are suggesting we prepare to launch for the next wave up. This is in the best interest of everyone reading this email as the macro economic environment is still uncertain. We have heard many industry experts say we are at the bottom but there may be more turbulence, however it has been a few weeks of positive momentum.

There was $539B of dry powder available with venture firms at the end of July and $23B undeployed capital for Web3 Start-ups sitting on the side-lines across the top 20 Web3 funds, with ‘Sequoia Capital’ undeterred by the current market and continuing its pace of investing in crypto-startups. We are working tirelessly to connect with these firms and as market confidence picks up will be poised for our next round of contributions. We are in conversations with two of the biggest Web3 funds in Australia and have face-to-face meetings booked with other Web3 funds this week.

We are excited to see VC’s like Variant with a $450M Web3 fund, and confidence from Cofounder Li Jin, who supports the creator and passion economies. She makes reference to the 100 superfan model and references crowdfunding platform Patreon in her YouTube interview. These all align to our crowdfunding technology offering. We will be the first music dedicated crowdfunding platform in Web3. Check out Li Jin’s articles and interviews here

We continue to see the biggest brands dip their toes into NFT offerings, see some of the Web3 innovation happening here.

23 Major Banks have made significant investment into Blockchain and Crypto entities, and many are experimenting and releasing their own crypto products and stable coins

And our Metaverse team has begun building, with some best-in-class experienced game designers, including our SAE Creative institute interns. Please see here for Metaverse forecasted growth.


We have now boiled our offering down into four strategic pillars, so that we can apply a focused operational execution to drive success:

Ocean Floor Music 4 Pillars


A Mixture of Music, Tech and Crypto:

Futurist (Aug)

Bigsound (Sept)

Australian Crypto Con (Sept)

West Tech Fest (Dec)

Strings Attached (Oct)

Festival x (Dec) Where we will be unleashing our Borderless Music Technology for live jamming across the world with some of the hottest DJ’s on the planet.

We sit in the sweet spot of the creator economy and our solution is built to help artists earn a living while creating the music we love and listen to everyday.

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Thanks again,

Clint Arthur & Sam Cutri


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