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23 June 2022


Ocean Floor Music continues to build and hit milestones despite volatility in the world and crypto markets.

We would like to take a holistic approach to this article and try to tease out what is happening in the world before we get into the goodness of Ocean Floor Music.

It has been an interesting, challenging and sometimes scary period in the world of late. Beginning with the ongoing situations like the Ukraine-Russian war, interest rates and the dominating narrative of recession, property prices, a crashing stock market, resurging Covid cases, China, Taiwan, food security, water security, energy prices, environmental disaster, humanitarian disasters, mental health concerns and of course, the volatile crypto market. What this shows is that crypto is now tied to the wider market, which means wider adoption has occurred, it also means we are intrinsically aligned to the ups and downs of the wider market.

If we look at the world news we are fed from the media, it’s no wonder we are all wondering what’s next and how much worse can it get. It may get worse before it gets better, we haven’t seen this kind of volatility and fear for many years. So, let’s batten down and prepare for the ride. We would encourage you all to look after yourselves and reach out to your loved ones for support in these challenging times and remember the old saying, this too will pass.

Now some good news:


At Ocean Floor Music we have continued to build on our amazing community hitting a few milestones recently including:

  • Invited to present at the largest music conference in the southern hemisphere, Big Sound.
  • Presenting on a panel with some of the biggest players in Music 3.0, Moda Dao and Emanate.
  • Returning from the Permissionless Conference in Miami with new found partners and VCs.

“Arriving at Permissionless when Luna/Terra crashed, it was inspiring to see over 5000 Founders, Developers and VC’s all still positively driving the technology and solutions to create a better world with Web 3.” Clint Arthur, Co-Founder, Ocean Floor Music

  • Discord and Twitter Spaces and presentations adding hundreds of new community members.
  • Our inaugural Artist Info Night was standing room only and has kicked off a new groundswell.
  • We have set up SnapShot and will be announcing our first proposal and community vote soon.


OFM website home page

  • Our new website at oceanfloor.io is live and beautiful. We thank our advisors, marketing team and copywriters for helping us with the narrative, and our branding and design team for the amazing images, icons and vibe.
  • The NFT gallery (coming soon) is designed and ready to deploy for our Community NFT Sale and soon to be announced artist NFT drops. It includes a backend interface that enables owners to view the NFT’s digital and physical assets allowing for transparency and clarity of value for trading.
  • The Staking Program (coming soon) will allow our community to lock their token holdings in a high yielding staking and fee rewards program.
  • Buy OFM (coming soon) will allow our community to buy, swap and trade $OFM on the open market.


Telemidi Live performance montage

A few weeks ago, a Live Virtual Performance between our Matt Bray in Perth, Western Australia, and a collaborator in London 25,000km away was performed in realtime in our Virtual Performance Environment.

Matt Bray has developed the process of Telemidi as part of his PhD research at WAAPA in Perth, Australia. This technology has gained a lot of interest and already Warner Chappel has approached us for writing rooms, some big name DJ’s want to perform remote Back to Back DJ sets. It’s an early prototype but we think we are looking at ‘the Future if remote Music Collaborations and Performance' allowing the OFM Metaverse to facilitate;

  • Live musical performances between remote collaborators
  • DJs back to back from across the globe
  • Live VR Performance environments (Physical AND Online audiences)
  • Composing music from remote locations
  • Educational music classes
  • Virtual meditation performance environments


Our team is very positive and advice is to stay the course. We realise that for many of you this might be one of your first experiences in a volatile crypto market and it’s OK to be feeling a little worried, this is not the first time and won’t be the last. The 2018 crypto winter lasted a year and at the time sceptics said crypto is dead and that it was all a scam. The big difference now is the narrative around the crypto bear market is because of macro circumstances such as the war, inflation and interest rates. The entire market is down and although we still have sceptics and some way to go before the upside - blockchain, crypto and Web3 adoption is widespread and here to stay.

Since the last bear market we have seen a massive increase in investment and development, we have amazing protocols that will change how banking, insurance, education, creation, ownership and all facets of digital assets and economy will be managed in the future, and governments are serious about regulation. Has there been some failures, yes, are we learning? YES, every failure is the opportunity to improve and one thing that this space is very good at, is sharing of information through its open ledgers, permissionless, intermediar-less and peer-to-peer networks.

We are at the forefront of innovation and you are a trailblazer in this community, your contribution in OFM is safe, we are here for the long haul and we thank you. We look forward to rewarding you for your commitment and faith in Ocean Floor Music, follow our socials to engage with our community and regular updates, and please reach out if you have any questions.

We look forward to a bright future together.

Warm regards,
Clint and Sam
Co-Founders, Ocean Floor Music


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