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The Ocean Floor story

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Sam and Clint, co-founders of Ocean Floor Music, talk about how, why and what Ocean Floor Music will do for musicians, fans and the music industry.

How to fund your next music project

  1. Create your Smart Project Fund

  2. Set bespoke fan rewards

  3. Tell your fans about the project

  4. Receive your funds & produce your project

  5. Share, sell and distribute your project

Create to Earn

A new way for artists to be rewarded for their music creation

'Create to Earn' is a revolutionary new concept where artists are incentivised to create their own music projects. We are the first 'Create to Earn' project funding and rewards platform for music on the blockchain. Our mission is to enable artists to earn a living solely from their music by putting them at the top of the value chain. We have created a new model that empowers artists with wellbeing through financial stability.

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How I will use Ocean Floor Music

We asked artists, fans and industry how they will use Ocean Floor Music…

  • The artist

    Ruby May

    The possibilities are endless for an artist. Anything that can be created can be made into a Smart Project Fund (SPF). Rewarding fans with exclusive NFTs - VIP BTS experiences, merch, prints, beats and videos - is an absolute dream of mine. I will promote the project via my socials, particularly Instagram, Facebook and my mailing list. The OFM Community will always be looped into any project I do'.

  • The fan

    Murray Williamson

    I will create an SPF for The Kount to produce a feature full-length album. This would be a complete vibe and help him get the recognition he deserves as one of the best producers of our day. In return for my investment I’d like to receive sample packs, merch, and a one-on-one beat making session. I’d promote the project by connecting with producers and beat-makers on Instagram and TikTok.

  • The industry

    Matt Bray

    I love the idea of asking musicians to make leftfield collaborations and see what happens. Musicians anywhere, at anytime, collaborating in each other's creative endeavours. I’m excited about the voice of the people - the DAO - commissioning works from artists. True creative inclusivity. Most of my energy will go into making the most mind blowing, paradigm shifting experience for the modern musician.

Our Community DAO

Ocean Floor Music is managed and run by its community. This community of members is what's known by crypto folk as a 'DAO' - A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation: Decentralised because the network is spread across the internet and peer to peer in nature, not controlled by a centralised institution; Autonomous because it is free to make its own decisions; Organisation because it is represented by a group with a common goal.

DAOs offer a new approach to business where everyone can be involved equally. By creating an open forum for our community to collectively call the shots, we can ensure that the platform always exists to best serve the needs of the artists, fans & industry partners that form the whole.

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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain explained

Watch the first in a new series of short explainer videos: A beginner's guide to blockchain and cryptocurrency

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