The music evolution is coming

Ocean Floor Music is creating a platform for musicians, artists and industry to be able to fund and produce projects, and trade products and services in our NFT marketplace. Our platform is founded by musicians for musicians, fans and industry. We are community-owned-and-run, working with a global team to build this platform and bring artists & musicians to the top of the value chain.

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Ocean Floor
  • Create.

    Improving the wellbeing of musicians by creating financial stability, so they can focus on creating their music.

  • Connect.

    Connecting artists, fans, and industry through a community owned and governed blockchain ecosystem where everyone can participate and share.

  • Thrive.

    Enabling artists to fund their music careers, fans to invest in their favourite artists, and enable a vibrant collaborative community.

  • Our mission

    To create wellbeing in the music industry through financial stability. We will do this by providing an ecosystem that allows for the entire industry to partner with creators, and ensure that creators retain their royalties.

  • The opportunity

    While revenue from music streaming, performance rights, and synchronization continue to grow, the shift to digitisation of the music industry has seen a considerable reduction in how much revenue artists are receiving. We want to tackle this problem by putting artists and musicians at the top of the value chain.

  • What drives us

    We do not seek to disrupt or challenge the traditional music industry. Rather, we see ourselves as a complementary, alternative funding model for all of the industry. Think of Ocean Floor as a crowdfunding platform on steroids, where you can play to earn by investing in projects and being rewarded financially with rare and valuable NFTs, physical rewards along with participation in the Ocean Floor DAO.

An audience

How it will work

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  • Funding a project

    Any artist, music business, or fan can fund their next project by creating a Smart Project Fund, be it an album recording, a music video, a festival, or a remote fan club funding their favourite band to tour in their city. At Ocean Floor, you can let your creativity run as deep as you want to.

  • Rewarding community

    Smart Project Funds are open to all of the community to invest in- from super fans, fellow musicians, industry, and investors. Contributors can play to earn - by investing they get rewarded with exclusive merch and experiences, rare and collectible NFTs, bragging rights, and a share of Ocean Floor's revenue distribution and staking rewards.

  • Making, selling and playing

    Once a project is funded, our Music Marketplace of industry partners will help record, market, tour, and manage the project. The outputs from these successfully funded projects will then be available on our NFT Marketplace to buy, sell, and trade. We will also be buying land in metaverses so we can launch our first club where artists can play live in 2022.

    Buying the $OFM Token.

  • Pre$OFM AirDrop is now closed

    Pre$OFM Security Assessment

    Thank you to everyone who took part in our Airdrop! The transfer of Pre$OFM tokens to participant wallet addresses will commence shortly. Notifications will be sent to participants once the transfer has been completed.

  • Community sale

    To show our appreciation to our early adopters, we are releasing a small amount of $OFM tokens at a once off pre public sale price.

  • Public sale (TGE)

    Finally, we hold a sale of $OFM tokens on Copper in 2022.

  • Staking pool and Exchange listing

    After the public sale, we will launch our staking pools on SushiSwap, consisting of a paired ETH/$OFM pool and $OFM pool. We will then announce listings on a number of decentralised exchanges.


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Q4 2021
Pre-seed Sale
Seed Sale
Core team
Marketing Website build
Q1 2022
Limited Community Airdrop
Music Blockchain Partners
Artist, Fan & Industry collaboration
Community Round
Q2 2022
Public Copper Launch
Liquidity Mining Pool
DAO Launch
Launch Token on exchanges
NFT Market launch
Music Marketplace launch
Q3 2022
B2B Partners
S&E Partners
Mobile App launch
Q4 2022
Protocol Improvements
Ocean Floor Music Awards
Global Music collaboration
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Producer, Mixer and Soundwave Collage