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Building the world’s largest community of artists and fans

Ocean Floor Music is bringing artists to the top of the value chain.

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The Paradox

It's never been easier for artists to create and distribute music, but it's also never been harder for them to get heard and get paid.

Ocean Floor Music Artists in a montage

Changing Tides

Recent Web3 and Metaverse experiments have uncovered new product types and revenue streams which are changing the game for emerging artists.

Our Ecosystem

The power of community and best-in-class Web2
and Web3 toolkits come together to deliver a new
approach to promotion and performance for all artists.

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The economic hub of the Ocean Floor Music ecosystem. Marketplace is where artists, fans and industry can create and trade music services and digital collectibles with unique rewards such as songs, all access passes and merch.

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Attend concerts, host private parties and meet like-minded fans in an all-virtual world. Metaverse enables immersive fan experiences and new opportunities for artists to connect and earn. Travis Scott's Fortnite concert series drew 27.7M unique views.

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Borderless Music

Collaborate and create music with a virtually unlimited number of artists, from anywhere in the world. Borderless’ unique tech allows for latency so low between geographically separated artists it’s as if they’re in the same room.

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Create and provide bespoke rewards to fund projects before they begin. Crowd is about supporting artists’ career development and helping fans play an active role in supporting the artists they love

Explore our Marketplace

The Ocean Floor Music Marketplace beta has launched. Buy and trade one-of-a-kind digital collectibles from your favourite musicians. With unique rewards and benefits for owners such as unreleased tracks, stems and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

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Why artists are joining Us

Carl Cox wearing sunglasses looking at camera

Carl Cox

"I've always loved embracing new technology. Our industry continues to grow and it has become a truly global phenomena. With my friends at Ocean Floor Music, knowing that we are at the forefront of things and able to reach out this far and wide is amazing, as it's what we set out to do from the very start. Web3 and NFTs are finding their place as blockchains become more relevant and move from what could be a fad into something that looks like it's here to stay. So, to coin a phrase, the future is now."

Kav Temperley of Eskimo Joe with red light cast across his face in a round graphic

Kav Temperley, Eskimo Joe

"I feel really fortunate that these guys knocked on my door and said, ‘Are you interested in being involved in Ocean Floor? I’ve always been really excited by the idea of where music can go outside the traditional album format. The amazing crew at Ocean Floor Music have inspired me to go into the world of NFTs and Web3.”

Ruby May

Ruby May

“The possibilities are endless for an artist. Anything that can be created can be made into a Project Fund. Rewarding fans with exclusive NFTs - VIP BTS experiences, merch, prints, beats and videos - is an absolute dream of mine. I will promote the project via my socials, particularly Instagram, Facebook and my mailing list. The OFM Community will always be looped into any project I do.”

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Become an Ocean Floor Music artist

Join our fast growing community of artists who are finding value in Web3 through the Ocean Floor Music ecosystem